If You Feel Like You Need The Extra Protein You Could Try The Amazing Meal Which Is Still A Measly $42 A Month (compared To Shakeologys $130!) I Havent Tried Amazing Meal Yet Myself (but I Love The Superfood) So I Cant Say For Certain That Its Equivalent But Im Assuming For Most People The Effects Of Each Drink Would Be Very Similar.

You can also become a Team Beachbody Coach. After all, Shakeology comes out to $4.33 per day add that up, and it’s about $129 per month!. I was pissed off and felt like he was just trying to push an expensive product on a new sucker. I went about returning it and there was nothing simple and easy about it. Enzyme that helps convert starches into sugars. Love the info on your site. I confirmed with him that everything was cancelled on my account. I personally hate it. Once you realize that there is no true Shakeology alternative, you can take that first step and start to incorporate it into your diet today.

As you can see it has many of the same ingredients minus the protein and its only $20 a month. If you feel like you need the extra protein you could try the Amazing Meal which is still a measly $42 a month (compared to Shakeologys $130!) I havent tried Amazing Meal yet myself (but I love the SuperFood) so I cant say for certain that its equivalent but Im assuming for most people the effects of each drink would be very similar. Be warned: the taste of Amazing Grass productsis something to get used to! It certainly doesnt taste like a chocolate shake, but I love adding the superfoodto my chocolate protein shakes, or my oatmeal in the morning. Another great alternative is Vegas All in One Nutritional Shake . Its pricey, but not nearly as bad as Shakeology. The taste is MUCH better than Amazing Grass, so its a trade off if you want to spent more $$ for the better taste. Click To Tweet So, there you have it. Obviously this is only my opinion and others will disagree. I think Beachbody has some killer workouts, but I just cant justify the Shakeology price tag. Im going to enjoy the remainder of the stash I have at home but Im looking forward to trying out Amazing Meal next.

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The cost is a bit much. Choose the 30-day supply in a bag to keep in your kitchen. My optimum nutrition shake only has 1 gram of sugar and 24 grams of protein for the same serving size. He tells me to log on to the website and log on. Shakeology Alternative – What’s in Shakeology Protein and essential amino acids help build muscles and reduce food cravings. I was told that I could try out the shake if I didn\'t like it there was a 30 day money back guarantee; I was told to sign in as a coach this way I would get it cheaper... That is until they stepped back, kept track of their spending for a whole month. I have absolutely no idea why this is in here. Just a suggestion and I am on and always will be on the Beachbody Train moving full steam ahead : Have a great day folks and thanks for the review.

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