We Continue To Focus On Developing And Upgrading Our Leaders And I'm Confident They Will Improve The Momentum Of Their Regions, Territories, Districts, And Salons As They Mature In Their Roles.

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As we've seen in the past, our operating footprint makes it challenging to implement positive change, sometimes leading to disruption in field execution. In addition, a good portion of our field leaders have been upgraded throughout the year and we are operating in a more challenging retail environment. Our top performers executed these initiatives well and used them to improve the business. But a portion of our leaders did not maintain the previous momentum they achieved in key areas, including recruiting stylists to understaffed salons and retaining stylists. Those in the middle had varied results and our lower performers struggled. We continue to focus on developing and upgrading our leaders and I'm confident they will improve the momentum of their regions, territories, districts, and salons as they mature in their roles. I also want to clarify the shift in Easter from the fourth quarter of FY15 to the third quarter of FY16, which reduced current year's fourth-quarter same-store sales by approximately 40 basis points. Our North American value business represents approximately 80% of our total fleet and reported same-store sales of 1.3% for all of FY16, representing 100 basis point improvement over the prior year. In the fourth quarter, this business was down 40 basis points. Supercuts and SmartStyle, our two largest brands, representing more than 50% of our overall salon portfolio, continue to be our strongest performers. Combined, they posted same-store sales of 2.9% and 1% for the full year and fourth quarter respectively.

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